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Because the neck is a complicated and intricate structure that extends out to other structures in the body, a comprehensive exam and X-rays are typically needed to determine the exact cause of your discomfort.

Bear in mind, too, that an injury or stress in one area often leads to additional problems in another-like a kind of "domino effect." For instance, pain in your shoulder often radiates to the neck area, and will only worsen as it continues to go untreated.

Here are a few of the most common causes of neck pain:

Injury - If you've been injured in an auto, work, or recreational accident, get help at once. Since injury can affect muscles, ligaments, bones or discs around the neck, it's important that you get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan (if required) before the dominos begin to fall.
Awkward or Incorrect Sleeping Positions - If you fall asleep in an awkward or uncomfortable sleeping position, it can wreak havoc on your neck. Med Plus Centers can help you to get the kinks out, while providing you with valuable advice on how to sleep so that your pain does not return.
Emotional and Physical Stress - Stress in life can cause muscle tension and set off a vicious cycle of pain. As muscles contract, fatigue can cause muscle aches or pain. Pain and discomfort can lead to sleeplessness with its associated problems such as irritability, depression, and reduced immune function. And so the problems perpetuate.
Diagnosable Problems, such as osteoporosis, slipped disc, and scoliosis - Occasionally, your neck pain may be caused by diagnosable disorders. The sooner these problems are identified and treated, the sooner you'll be on the road to recovery. It's important that you seek proper professional care to determine the cause of your pain and begin any necessary treatment.

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